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The toe hold and the wrist lock are some of the most powerful submissions in bjj.  You are attacking a lot of bones, joints and ligaments when applying a toe hold or a wrist lock.  The wrist lock in particular is one of the most overlooked submissions that there is.  Reason being, many people associate wrist locks with martial arts like aikido and think that they are just a pain submission. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.  The wrist lock is one of the most devastating submissions that you can apply.  The toe hold is also one of the...

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We all probably know what the arm bar is.  The arm bar is an extremely powerful submission that many people will learn in their first few weeks of bjj.  Mainstream MMA fans are also familiar with the arm bar from the countless fights that end by arm bar in the UFC.   The arm bar was not created by Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but it was definitely evolved by bjj. So why is it so important to have a good arm bar that you can keep in your back pocket?  Well, the arm bar is one of the best submissions that you...

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They say that few things are guaranteed in life besides death and taxes.  We here at BJJ Fanatics would also add pressure passing to that list.  When you develop a strong pressure passing game, it will be inevitable that you will pass your opponent's guard.  They may eventually be able to make slight adjustments to slow down the action, but at the end of the day, the price they pay to delay the pass will take a great toll on them that they may not want to incur. Having diverse guard passing game does not always mean that you need...

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The Over Under Pass is easily one of the most efficient and versatile guard passes falling under the pressure passing umbrella.  Pressure passing is also one of the most efficient and versatile styles of guard passing for grapplers of all levels and ages.  Effectively passing the guard maximizing one's pressure from the knees can shut down the most athletic guard games you can encounter.  Pressure passing works against closed guard, half guard, butterfly guard, spider guard, De La Riva, etc.  There really isn't a guard that can stop it completely.  The Over Under Pass specifically and pressure passing in general...

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Learning submissions can be one of the best parts of bjj.  So many people believe that submissions are the core of Jiu Jitsu and that the submission is the most important element of bjj.  Whether that is true or not is very subjective, one thing is certain though, submissions are the goal.  You start a roll in hopes of getting a submission, it is always the end goal.  Even in a tournament you can get points for the takedown, sweep, pass, and all the other things but even if you are down by 50 points and manage to get the...

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